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I Bharath Nataraj, was born in one of the many slums in Bangalore, India. Growing up in a big family I have lived, seen and experienced the effects of poverty, lack of opportunities and moreover the frustrations about the reality. Until my teenage life I never thought I would grow to a stage where I’m now. Whenever I reflect back about my past, even continuing my studies was Big Dream; with those situations I could not even think of what I want to become. But thanks to my family (mother, father, sisters and brothers) who took the hardship in supporting me. Further my school, college and university teachers, friends who kept encouraging me throughout. Their encouragement actually contributed me to dream, to imagine, and to visualize my passion.


Utilizing the support, opportunities and the believes of others in me, I started to feel i'm responsible by realizing through self-reflection and understanding myself better and better. I started to increase my comfortzone by meeting volunteering for social causes. Now I understand even more deeply that complaining and blaming the reality would not change much, but everyone has to take full responsibilities to connect within and also connect to the society to grow as an authenti human being.


I feel confident that I can make a difference and contribute my learning to positive changes. Hence the Passion and Purpose of origin of Generations of Changemakers is to 'support and contribute to create a more humanity based society wherein people meet their basic needs and live a satisfied life'. In the process my purposes is to "be creative, inspiring and connecting passionate people to work together and realize a connected dream of creating a better future".


In short inspiring and connecting Changemakers across the generations to sustain their passion work together and complement each other in creating a better future, while also making others to dream is my dream. 

Change is not meant to be, we make it happen. In this process don't forget to offer and accept the support and inspiration.

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